The Repair Cafe Movement

How it All Began

The idea of a Repair Cafe was conceived by Martine Postma who organised the first ever Repair Cafe in Amsterdam, in 2009. It was a great success and prompted Martine to start the Repair Cafe Foundation, a non-profit organisation. The Foundation provides support to groups of volunteers all over the world, helping them set up their own Repair Cafes. Now there are almost 2,500 Repair Cafes across the globe, repairing an estimated 44,000 items per month!

In Cambridge, the repair movement is supported by Cambridge Carbon Footprint.

Cambridge Carbon Footprint

You can get more information about when and where other Repair Cafes are running around Cambridge from the calendar and map below, as well as on the Cambridge Repair Cafes website.

The site is run by Cambridge Carbon Footprint and has lots of ideas for living more sustainably and reducing the carbon footprint of your home.

Local Repair Cafe Calendar

If you know of any other local events, please contact us and we will add them to the calendar. Email us.

The High Cost of Our Throwaway Culture

Back in 2012, the BBC published an article about the advantages of repairing our gadgets. Ten years on, it is still highly relevant - you can read it here.

International Repair Day

15th October 2022

Watch the video to see how repairing is a world-wide phenomenon, and events are being organised by a huge number of hard-working and committed groups in many countries.

Try to Fix Something at Home

Lea setting up