About Burwell Repair Cafe

Repair Cafes are community events that match people who need items repaired with people who like fixing things. The international Repair Cafe movement began in Amsterdam, and now there are over two thousand around the world. Repair Cafes are non-commercial and the repairs are done free-of-charge, although voluntary donations are very welcome. There are no promises and no guarantees, but if something can be saved the repairers will do their very best. Repairers are always keen to teach visitors how to do the repair themselves, or at least have them watch while they do it. The items brought along for repair can include clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, crockery, tools, toys, and much more.

Burwell Repair Cafe is a community initiative arising from Burwell Parish Council's Climate Forum.

An enthusiastic group of volunteers have worked together to organise the first four Burwell Repair Cafes, starting on 6th November 2022 .

They have been a resounding success!

Our Repair Cafes will continue to be held at Mandeville Hall (see map below the pictures of our repairers hard at work).
We aim to hold 3 or 4 Repair Cafes each year.

You can book your items for the next Burwell Repair Cafe on our Bookings page.

Oliver mending bike

Mandeville Hall

Our next Repair Cafe will be held in Mandeville Hall, off Reach Road on a date to be confirmed.

With easy access, plenty of parking,  great facilities and a friendly cafe offering home-made cakes, we look forward to welcoming you and your broken items to Burwell Repair Cafe.

For additional information about Mandeville Hall, including how to book the venue, please click here.

Teresa and Graham mending jewellery